In December 2017, RTC Control Systems attended to a catastrophic breakdown caused by the explosion of a transformer and subsequent fire at the client’s premises. Two transformers were installed, and the necessary
cable work done to re-establish supply to the critical equipment in the engine room. However, it was concluded that the site’s electrical reticulation had to be upgraded to rectify the situation.

The upgrade project consisted of new substations, removing the electrical equipment from the same area as the hazardous processes; the installation of new transformers with capacity to expand; the installation of updated
medium voltage switchgear to provide a high level of safety and fault-free network operation.

During the electrical reticulation shutdown in April 2019, it was found that when the power was switched off, there were high levels of ammonia gas in the engine room. A contingency plan was executed, and additional
ventilations fans were temporarily connected to ensure the dissipation of the ammonia gas. This action prevented a shutdown and only two hours were lost.

RTC Control Systems, in conjunction with Waincon and Kromvinger, successfully completed phase one of the transformer replacement project. Due to the client’s production requirements, the work was completed over
three shutdowns with less than one day needed per shutdown.

ECA Industrial Installation of the Year Award