ORP and Water Filtration Systems 

Water disinfection monitoring and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) solutions to ensure your water supply is treated and cleansed from waste products and contaminants.

Water Filtration System & ORP?

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What Is ORP?

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP or Redox Potential) measures a water system’s capacity to either accept or release electrons from chemical reactions.

ORP is the measure of a substance’s ability to either oxidize or reduce another substance. It is measured by the electrodes of an ORP Meter. When an ORP meter has a positive reading, it means that the substance is an oxidizing system. Alternatively, when an ORP Meter shows a negative reading, it indicates that the substance is a reducing system.

Low maintenance system.
Automated system.
Included data reporting.
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Why Choose ORP For Water Filtration System?

ORP is the simpler and faster method that gives you the most accurate picture of the effect of all oxidizing and reducing chemicals in your water solution.

Using ORP, disinfectant control can be automated because the measurement produces an electrical signal that triggers the switches when outside established control parameters. In addition, ORP sensors are relatively low maintenance.

If you are not using ORP to monitor and control the chemical additions that work through your water filtration systems — you should. It will ultimately save you and your business time, hassle, and money.

Modular design equipment can be extended to measure any parameter in the system. It can also be upgraded with memory and wireless communication to report the data in the correct format to you wherever you are, whenever you want.

0 – 150 No practical use
150 – 250 Aquaculture
250 – 350 Cooling Towers
400 – 475 Swimming Pools
450 – 600 Hot Tubs
600 Water Disinfection *
800 Water Sterilisation **

The chart above identifies ORP levels for various applications.

How is ORP Measured?

ORP is measured by determining the potential of a chemically-inert (platinum) electrode, which is immersed in the solution. The sensing electrode potential is read in relation to the reference electrode of the pH probe, and the value is presented in millivolts (mV).

ORP is measured using a two-probed sensor that is submerged in a flowing sample of water. The sensor measures the electrical difference between the two probes. One probe is typically platinum or gold, and the other is silver.

The measurement that results from an ORP sensor indicates the net status of all the oxidation and reduction reactions in the sample of water being measured.

A positive result indicates an oxidizing environment, and a negative result indicates a reducing environment.


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