Preventative Maintenance

A solid predictive maintenance program can make the difference between meeting or missing your production deadlines.

Thermal Infrared Detection

This process is used to identify possible safety hazards before they happen to eliminate costly failures.

Thermal imaging allows us to monitor and troubleshoot your mechanical equipment and electrical connections accurately to ensure proper installation to prevent injury, costly outages, and irreversible damages.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

This process is used to identify possible leakages in your system using a highly specialised piece of equipment.

Ultrasonic leak detectors are very sensitive to sound and are able to detect pinhole leaks with pressure as low as 1 psi.

The advantages of using ultrasonic leak detection:

  • Detect leaks in compressed air, inert gas and vacuum systems.
  • Minimise energy costs associated with the use of a compressor
  • Improved life of equipment
  • Increased productivity

Vibration Detection

In this process a vibration sensor is used to measure the amount and frequency of a vibration in a system. This measurement is used to detect imbalances or other issues in a system that will assist in predicting future breakdowns of machinery.

The advantages of using vibration detection:

  • Increased safety
  • Increased revenue
  • Extended equipment life
  • Increased peace of mind

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