Engineering & Surveys


The survey of existing plants with the view of implementing energy efficient process control.

  • Auditing of billing and tariff structures for correctness and applicability
  • Assessment of plant energy efficiency and utilization.
  • Collection of data on the possible sites.
  • Conducting Infrared Thermography surveys
  • Transformers
  • PFC surveys, maintenance and installations
  • Certificate of compliance Inspections¬†

Energy Management

What is energy management?

The phrase energy management means different things to different people. To us, energy management is; The judicious and effective use of energy to maximize profits by minimizing costs and enhancing competitive positions. The primary objectives of energy management are:

  • Minimize costs to Maximize profits.
  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy use = reduction of costs.
  • Developing and maintaining effective monitoring, reporting and management strategies.
  • Finding new and better ways to increase returns from energy investments through research and development.
  • Reducing the impacts of curtailments, or any interruption in energy supplies.

The quality of maintenance influences energy use in a facility. In almost every energy-using system, a lack of maintenance is associated with increased energy consumption. In general, maintenance can significantly reduce energy consumption, and increase the availability of production and lower costs.


Turnkey design engineering and execution of plant manufacturing and automation processes.

  • Design engineering and implementation of energy saving measures.
  • Electrical design and Project Management.
  • Tender adjudication and project supervision.
  • Turnkey automation with hardware and software solutions to SCADA by Adroit and Opus reporting system
  • Detailed CAD designs with 3D modelling using Inventor and AutoCAD programs by Autodesk.


  • Power Factor Correction systems;
  • Motor control centres
  • Substations
  • Harmonic filtering measures;
  • Load control systems;
  • Plant control systems.
  • Mechanical manufacturing.
  • Design and implantation of local area and national data collection and processing facilities.
  • Solar Panels.
  • Heat Pumps (Replaces your geyser. Up to 70% saving on electricity.
  • Piping installation

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